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11,40 EUR*
Details Vertikal Flip Style Handy Tasche Case Schutz Hülle Schale Motiv Etui Karte Halter für Sony Xperia M5 - Variante VER24 Design9

SCHÜTZENDE HÜLLE UND PORTEMONNAIE IN EINEM: Mit der Smartphonehülle mit Portemonnaiefunktion schützen Sie Ihr Smartphone zuverlässig vor Kratzern, Schmutz und Erschütterungen. Zugleich bieten die praktischen Steckfächer ausreichend Platz für EC-Karten ...

5,97 EUR*
Details GRIP Trio Pencil Sharpener-Red

CREATIVITY FOR KIDS-Grip Trio Pencil Sharpener. Three sharpeners in one! Most pencil shapes fit in the Grip Trio Sharpener. This pencil sharpener features a sharpener for standard size pencils, a sharpener for jumbo size pencils, and a special colored ...

4,99 EUR*
Details Left Handed Pencil

Left Handed Pencil A special pencil for the elite 10% No, really it is a left handed pencil - the text runs from head to tip of the pencil meaning its actually the correct way up for we south-paws! Comes with left handed logo and built in pencil ...

5,43 EUR*
Details General Black Scribe All Pencil by General Pencil

Multi-purpose pencil;Acid-free - non-toxic - photo-safe;Use on plastic - glass - metal - wood - vellum - tile - ceramic;Black

4,91 EUR*
Details Dritz Quilting Twin Pencil Sharpener-

DRITZ-Twin Pencil Sharpener. This pencil sharpener is perfect for fabric marking pencils, colored pencils and even crayons. Extra large trap allows for less frequent emptying. Constructed of red and transparent plastic. Imported.

12,33 EUR*
Details Lanxivi® 24 Color Professional High Quality Art Drawing Pencils / Colored Pencils for Artist Sketch Drawing Oil Base

Lanxivi® 24 Color Professional High Quality Art Drawing Pencils / Colored Pencils for Artist Sketch Drawing Oil Base

32,49 EUR*
Details Pro Art 36-Piece Artist Pencil Set by PRO ART

This Artist Pencil Set from Pro-Art is a nice selection of drawing media. Twelve watercolor pencils, twelve colored pencils, eight sketch pencils, and four graphite pencils are included in a carry box. A great set for experimenting with various techniques.

10,78 EUR*
Details Drawing Pencil Kit-12 Pieces by General Pencil

General Pencil-Zeichenstifte/Skizzierstifte Kit. dieses Set enthält ein flacher Zeichenstift Holzkohle Bleistifte 2b4b6b eine weiß gefärbte Kohle Bleistift Kimberly weiß Bleistift Soft-Ein Layout Stift drei Graphit-Sticks 972 2b4b6b eine Skizze Wäsche ...

11,45 EUR*
Details General Drawing Pencil Kit by General Pencil

Die Allgemeine Zeichenstifte Set umfasst 3 Grafik Bleistifte in 2B, HB und 2H, 1 Weiche, schwarze Skizze Bleistift und Radierer.

9,99 EUR*
Details HotQueen Colored Pencils Pack of 36 Secret Garden Pencil

Specification:Pack of 36 One Set  Material:High-Grade Oily Color of Lead,Lead soft good color effect Package: Pack of 36 One Set High-quality color pencil, pen refill with the same color Pencils are the perfect tools for adults and children Long ...

56,90 EUR*
Details SaySure - 18pcs Sketch Pencils Charcoal Pencil Extender Paper

If there is anything we can do for you please do not hesitate contact us directly.

14,99 EUR*
Details Axe to Grind Pencil Sharpener

Axe to Grind Pencil Sharpener Cut through the work of pencil sharpening with an axe pencil sharpener Sturdy, shiny sharp and made of steel but safe and easy to use Comes complete with a pencil to cut down to size

98,00 EUR*
Details Kimberly Watercolor Pencils Classroom Pack 144pcs-

GENERAL PENCIL-Kimberly Watercolor Pencils Classroom Art Packs. This is a good set to have for your classroom! Pencils come in bright colors and are artist quality. This package contains 144 assorted watercolor pencils. Acid free and non-toxic ...

23,02 EUR*
Details General Pencil Factis Plastic Eraser 24 Piece Display Small by General Pencil

Ideal for most papers for drafting, engineering, and arts and crafts. It is most used for graphite pencil marks. More Info: GENERAL PENCIL-Plastic Eraser Display. This package includes 24 individually wrapped plastic erasers: 1x2x1/3 inch. Imported.

7,26 EUR*
Details Pro Art Double Pencil Sharpener-

PRO ART-Pencil Sharpener. This sharpener fits two sizes of pencils and is a great all-purpose sharpener for wide to standard sized pencils. Made of metal. Imported.

34,34 EUR*
Details General Primo Elite Grande Pencil Box Of 12 by General Pencil

These Primo Elite Grande Charcoal Pencils by General are handmade in the USA using high quality sustained cedar and a rich black organic charcoal. Smooth and creamy, the intense drawing tones and values of these Primo pencils make it perfect to use ...

8,79 EUR*
Details King Kong Pencil

King Kong Pencil & Eraser Set The mighty King Kong eraser can even rub out monster mistakes! King Kong is a cute pencil rubber climbing to the top of a tall building style pencil

6,57 EUR*
Details Spectrum Noir Pencil Sharpener-

Crafter's Companion-Spectrum Noir Pencil Sharpener. Experience precision sharpening for your Spectrum Noir Blendable Pencils; create the perfect point cleanly and smoothly! This package contains one 2x1x3/4 inch pencil sharpener. Imported.

34,81 EUR*
Details Tran Portfolio Pencil Case by Tran

Pencil Case;Clear vinyl front;Zipper closure;Holds 24 pencils

19,00 EUR*
Details Prisma Premier Colored Pencils Tin-Set of 12 Colors

SANFORD-Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencil Set. These colored pencils are artists' quality pencils for every level of expertise. Pencils contain high quality pigments for a rich color saturation and feature soft, thick cores which create a smooth ...

31,08 EUR*
Details Color Pencil Creative Studio Getting Started Art Kit 800084

faber castell creative studio getting started art kits color pencil. explore the creative techniques of color pencil art with vibrant art grip color pencils. learn the basics of tonal layering imprimatura rubbings and other color pencil art techniques ...

7,57 EUR*
Details Charcoal Pencils 2/Pkg-4B

GENERAL PENCIL-General's Charcoal Drawing Pencil. These pencils provide extra smooth drawing to achieve dramatic and intense blacks and create beautiful blended sketches. Erases with General's Magic Black or Magic White eraser. This package contains ...

17,74 EUR*
Details Watercolor Pencils 24/Pkg-

Formulated with brilliant colors, these pencils can transform from a drawing to a watercolor painting in an instant. Simply glide over pencil lines with a wet brush. More Info: ROYAL BRUSH MANUFACTURING-Formulated with brilliant colors, these pencils ...

6,19 EUR*
Details Color Pencil By Number Kit 8.75"X11.75"-Whitetail Buck

ROYAL BRUSH-Pencil By Number Kit. These pencil by number kits are perfect for travel, rainy days and group activities. These kits contain one 8-3/4x11-3/4in pre-printed board, ten colored pencils and a pencil sharpener. Available in a variety of ...

4,91 EUR*
Details Fabric Pencils 4/Pkg-Gray, White, Silver & Yellow

GENERAL PENCIL-Fabric Pencils: 4/pkg. Use either quilter's pencil to draw precise lines before stitching on most fabrics: wash off with gentle soap and water or use an eraser made for fabrics. The chalk pencil can be used to draw or trace a design ...

24,99 EUR*
Details Belkin Ständer (geeignet für Apple Pencil) silber

Der Belkin Ständer für den Apple Pencil ist die elegante Lösung, Ihren Apple Pencil zu verstauen und gleichzeitig die Spitze zu schützen. Der kompakte Ständer ist auf das minimalistische Design des Apple Pencil und iPad Pro abgestimmt und macht sich ...

55,31 EUR*

The classic yellow and black stripped pencil that's been a school favourite for 30 years.;STAEDTLER NORIS HB SCHOOL PENCIL X 150;High quality Staedtler pencils

3,83 EUR*
Details Graphite Art Pencil Set 5pcs-

GENERAL PENCIL-Kimberly Graphite Pencils. These non-porous Ceylon graphite cores are dense and durable. The core is Carbo-Welded to withstand four times the normal point pressure. The specially treated cedar wood casings sharpen easily. Pencils are ...

48,80 EUR*
Details Retro 51 Tornado Pencil Black Stealth by Retro 51

Mechanical pencil;1.15mm lead;Tornado classic mechanical pencil;Matte black body

47,07 EUR*
Details Reeves Water Colour Pencils 36/Pkg

Reeves-Water Color Pencils. These pencils offer you the ideal combination of drawing/blending techniques and transparent watercolor washes. They have excellent quality smooth leads and color disperses with a minimum of water. Reeves Watercolor pencils ...

4,18 EUR*
Details Sketch & Wash Pencils 2/Pkg-

GENERAL PENCIL-Sketch and Wash Watersoluble Graphite Pencils. Create your own artwork with General's Sketch and Wash, a versatile and unique watersoluble graphite pencil. For art, use with brush and water to create dramatic washes of gray and black ...

8,28 EUR*
Details Crayola Color Sticks Woodless Colored Pencils-12/Pkg Short

CRAYOLA-Color Sticks Pencils. Last four times longer than standard length Crayola colored pencils! This package contains twelve woodless colored pencils. Nontoxic. Conforms to ASTM D 4236. Imported.

24,99 EUR*
Details Retro Rolleiflex Camera Pencil Sharpener

Retro Rolleiflex Camera Pencil Sharpener This twist on the classic rotary pencil sharpener is the ultimate retro gadget for your desk Disguised as a vintage roleiflex style camera this sharpener will help you keep your pencils pin point sharp ...

38,55 EUR*
Details Sewer's Pencil Marking Set-

Dritz-Sewer's Pencil Marking Set. Everyday useful products for the home sewer! Use the brushes on the end of the chalk pencils to erase away chalk marks. Points allow for thin, accurate lines. The non-smudge eraser removes pencil markings from fabric ...